2 Reasons – Why Getting Content Removed From Google Search Results?

2 Reasons - Why Getting Content Removed From Google Search Results?

Google search associate Danny Sullivan explained two reasons for removing content from search results: Sullivan said that Google aims to provide open access to information, but must sometimes be removed to protect users or comply with the law. The content of the search results is not a hasty action by Google. Even websites that violate Google’s black hat SEO rules will not be permanently removed from the index.

1. To Comply With the Law

Google will remove content from search results when required by law.

Google’s legal obligations related to privacy and defamation laws vary from country to country. Legal requirements to remove web pages from search results.

In most cases, Google cannot detect illegal content on its own. Google relies on people and authority to report content that may need to be removed for legal reasons.

Anyone can complete this form to submit a request to remove content that they believe violates the law.

Google will review the request and determine if the content meets the legal requirements for removal.

Google can notify the site owner of the removal request through the following method: Search Console.

2.  To Protect Users

Google may remove content that contains highly personal information, even if not required by law, such as financial or medical information, government-issued IDs, and private images posted without consent.

Personal information falls into the hands of others, and Google allows everyone to request content removal from search results.

Individuals can also request that information on their pages appear on websites with offensive removal policies in order for it to be removed from Google search results.

Pages that include contact information and physical threats (a form of doxxing) may also be eligible for removal. It is determined by evaluating whether the potential damage it can cause exceeds the value it provides to the searcher.

How to Solve issue at a scale?

Removing a single page from search results does not scale to the size of the open network.

However, Google will use the statistics from the removal request to design a system that solves all search results problems.

For example, if a website receives a large number of requests to effectively remove content that violates copyright law, Google will try to minimize the presence of the site in search results.

Sullivan reminds, we have taken similar measures for those websites that have made a large number of requests to remove pages containing personal information. Some pages can still exist on the web.


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