2 Tips For Getting Website Indexed Fast By John Mueller – May 2021 Updates

2 Tips For Getting Website Indexed Fast By John Mueller - May 2021 Updates

Google’s John Mueller answered a question from an e-commerce publisher that the company’s web pages were not indexed.

Mueller suggested specific diagnostic techniques, and then suggested the promotional value of indexing the site.

According to Mueller, Google sometimes needs to encourage indexing of entire websites.

Then, the site editor displays important details about the site.

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Website Inadequately Indexed

The person who asked the question explained that the site is not indexed.

They observed that a colon search on the site (site:) returned only a few index pages.

Interestingly, he didn’t find any important clues about the problem, which was only discovered after John provided a lot of advice.

John solved the problem, but regarded it as a continuing factor.

Google’s Mueller solved the shortcomings of the site’s colon search, saying it is not a diagnostic tool, and explaining why it is not good at diagnosing site indexing problems.

Many things and provided encouraging suggestions to promote the site.

Google Sometimes Needs a Hint to  Encourage Full Indexing

Mueller then explained why website promotion is important for smaller websites that need to be indexed, and explained that Google sometimes needs support.

Mueller Recommends Site Promotion to Get the Site Indexed

Mueller said that changing noindex to indexed may slow down the index, but it has been months since noindex was deleted.

Therefore, he once again suggested that publishers consider actively promoting the site, including using their social media followers to promote the site.

He reiterated that it doesn’t take much to encourage Google to index similar small sites.

Site Promotion and Indexing

Google crawls websites by linking one website to another website. Moreover, according to Mueller, Google can index more content on the site without too many links.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from May 14, 2021 

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