2021 Best Link Building Practices By Google John Muller

Google’s John Mueller answered questions about link building practices in a business hour hangout 2021.

Mueller described Google’s passive and proactive actions on certain links and provided suggestions for better ways to obtain links.

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Need to Spend Thousands of Dollars for Links?

The people who asked the question pointed out that they watched a lot of link building videos on YouTube and read case studies that show that link building is necessary to get the best rankings.

He then explained how the company he contacted showed him examples of websites that ranked high due to link building.

He then questioned whether it was wise to spend money on link building that he considered poor quality, which he called “this approach,” involving manipulative practices.

He seems worried that based on the link building argument, Google search rankings will reward thousands of dollars for manipulation.

Best Link Building Practices By Google John Muller

Mueller concluded his answer by suggesting a link building strategy that is friendly to Google.

Your first suggestion is the classic way to create content and tell others about it. This is an old but good one, but it can work.

Creating content and telling it to others is not always a strategy for e-commerce sites.

E-commerce sites provide products, not articles.

Links attracted to product pages are one of the most difficult types of links to obtain because people are usually not interested in certain products and when they are excited, a typical e-commerce store is an external store.

Thousands of people sell the same product. The problem with attracting links to product pages is that it’s hard to argue that one in a thousand stores are more worth linking than other stores that sell the same product.

Ranking product pages is rarely effective because the links obtained for that content will enhance the content rather than the product.

You can link to the product page from within the content page, which might help. But I rarely see this happen, even for content page virality There is no substitute for direct links to product pages.

Mueller Warns Against Link Building Shortcuts

Mueller then stopped providing constructive advice and again blocked short-term solutions because they would make you banned-don’t seek short-term rewards at the expense of long-term success.

This is almost what he recommends.

Source: Watch John Mueller answer discuss link building at 1 minute mark 

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