4 New Creation Tools Launched By YouTube Shorts – May 2021 Update

4 New Creation Tools Launched By YouTube Shorts - May 2021 Update

YouTube is launching an in-app creation tool for short videos for all US users and has added four new features.

After the beta launch in March, YouTube shorts are now available to all users in the United States.

American creators can use the short camera on the YouTube mobile app to record, edit, and post short clips.

In addition to the new authoring tools, the short film camera has also added new functions, giving users more editing options.

Four New YouTube Shorts Features

  • Shorts Tab on Home Page
  • Video Captions
  • Shorts Video Filters
  • 60 Second Recordings

1.Shorts Tab on Home Page

In the YouTube mobile app, users can explore more shorts content through the new tab at the bottom of the screen.

The “Shorts” tab appears where the “Explore” tab used to be.

YouTube didn’t get rid of the “Explore” part, instead repositioning itself at the top of the screen.

With this update, Explore section can now be the first topic at the top of the feed. Explore section will continue to be a place where users can discover content from cutting-edge creators, as well as popular videos and topics.

YouTube said Explorer is well suited to the top of the app’s home page, which contains selected topics to help users discover content that may be of interest to them.

Explore can help users in a similar way by showcasing trendy content from creators that may have never been seen before.

2.Video Captions

To make YouTube shorts easier to use, creators can now add subtitles to videos in two different ways.

Creators can allow YouTube to automatically add captions using speech-to-text technology. Or creators can add their own titles manually.

Since speech-to-text technology is far from perfect, the ability to add manual captions can help eliminate all inaccuracies.

When watching a video, users can choose manual or automatic subtitles.

3.Shorts Video Filters

YouTube creators will be able to switch to different filters on the Shorts camera’s recording and editing screens.

Filters allow users to colorize the correct material or change the appearance of the video.

YouTube said this is just the beginning, because more filter and effect options will be released throughout the year.

4.60 Second Recordings

When recording a video with the YouTube clip camera, users can switch between the maximum length of 15 seconds or the maximum length of 60 seconds.

This greatly extends the length of the YouTube shorts video, which previously had a maximum playback time of 15 seconds.

However, when recording a short video with music in YouTube library, the upper limit of the video is still 15 seconds.

This must be a YouTube music license limitation, because if the creator is the owner of the song, they can use the music for more than 15 seconds.

Source: YouTube Creator Insider

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