4 New Ecommerce Features Launched By Facebook For Online Retailers – June 2021 Update

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are getting new features that will help retailers introduce their products to more customers and drive sales.

Customers are increasingly using Facebook as a discovery engine to find new products.

The company reports that 74% of people use the Facebook platform to discover brands or products online.

Certain retail categories performed better than others. More than 85% of respondents bought the fashion, beauty, furniture or electronic products they found on the Facebook platform for the first time.

Now, customers have new ways to discover and purchase products, which means that retailers have more sales opportunities.

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Facebook 4 New Ecommerce Features 2021

  • Bringing shops to more places
  • Customer reviews on Instagram
  • Ads for Shops
  • Expanded use of AR

Facebook Shops in More Places

After the Facebook store is set up, the product is eligible to appear in the Instagram and Facebook store tabs.

Over 1 billion people use the Marketplace every month, so Facebook makes it easier for businesses to bring their stores to the Marketplace to attract more people.

U.S. companies can now choose Marketplace as an additional sales channel.

In addition, companies from different countries can display their entire store on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp users can browse the store’s inventory, obtain product information, and discuss specific products before making a purchase.

Companies only need to open a store once to work on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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Personalized Shop Ads

Facebook is launching new ads to personalize the shopping experience and direct customers to a select series of stores.

Store advertisements will be able to guide shoppers to where they are most likely to buy based on past shopping activities.

In the future, Facebook will increase methods to help companies further personalize advertising by providing special offers or promotions for specific customers.

Expanded Access to AR Try-On Feature

Facebook said that augmented reality (AR) brings the “magic” of the in-store shopping experience to mobile devices, and now more and more brands can let customers test products in a virtual way.

Facebook is developing new APIs that will make it easier, faster, and more profitable for brands and advertisers to integrate AR into their catalogs.

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This was first launched for brands in the beauty category and will support other verticals in the near future.

Finally, Facebook is integrating AR into a new ad unit that will automatically show people related products based on their interests and encourage them to “try it.”

AR-based advertising testing is underway and will be available to more brands by the end of this year.

Customer Reviews

In the next few months, customer ratings and reviews will be extended to store products on Instagram.

After implementing this feature, it will include photos and videos from the community, as well as written comments.

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