4 Ways YouTube Creators Workflows is Improving – May 2021 Update

4 Ways YouTube Creators Workflows is Improving - May 2021 Update

YouTube Studio is about to receive some quality of life updates, designed to help creators complete more work in less time.

The video recording and editing process is a lot of work without uploading, optimizing the title and description, and making sure it can be profitable.

YouTube revealed details about four methods designed to make the back-end job of posting videos less tedious for creators.

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Upload From Drive

Another improvement to the creator workflow YouTube is working on is the ability to upload videos from Google Drive.

YouTube hopes that this update will allow creators to upload videos that exist in Drive folders in the cloud, thus helping creators save time, bandwidth, and storage space on their devices.

YouTube currently only accepts videos uploaded directly from the device’s internal storage or an external drive connected to a desktop computer.

Uploading from Drive will allow creators to save physical storage space, and more importantly, more work can be done from whatever device they use.

For example, even if the video file is not on the same mobile device that the creator used, you can upload the video from YouTube Studio on the mobile device.

Improvements to Upload Defaults

The default upload settings are the settings that creators can apply to all their web uploads, including privacy settings, categories, titles, descriptions, tags, and more.

Creators use default upload settings to avoid having to perform responsive tasks, such as typing the same description every time they upload a video. YouTube is working hard to improve the default upload feature.

Currently, creators can only choose a set of default settings for all videos.

Soon, creators will be able to customize various upload templates.

Other enhancements to load default settings will allow creators to clone the same settings from previous videos and apply the default template to mobile uploads.

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Pre-Publish Checks on Mobile

YouTube’s recently released pre-launch verification feature will soon be used for mobile uploads.

When creators upload videos to the desktop, they can run a series of pre-launch checks to analyze the content for possible violations.

The tool will check for copyright infringements and make sure the video is monetizable and ad-friendly.

Through pre-release checks, creators can resolve all issues before the video is published, thus avoiding potential violations of YouTube’s copyright and monetization policies.

YouTube initially launched a desktop pre-launch check in February.

The tool will soon be available on mobile devices, improving the way creators complete their work on the go and receive faster notifications when video problems occur.

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“Futuristic” Features

YouTube has a vague preview of the so-called “futuristic” features that creators use.

One of these features is the automatic generation of video titles and descriptions.

This will allow creators to upload videos without worrying about doing other things.

Creators can upload videos from the cloud, and YouTube will be responsible for writing titles and descriptions, applying default settings, and checking for policy violations. This will be a future.

Most importantly, YouTube is researching technologies that can improve AI model-based thumbnails.

There is no timetable for the release of any of these features, but they have been confirmed to be in development.

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