Google Maps Reviews Moderation – 5 Secrets Revealed!

Google has published an explanation that provides an overview of how Google handles local business reviews on Google Maps.

This article describes many of the steps and actions that Google has taken to enable it to view and publish user-generated reviews in seconds.

Google shares the five steps needed to ensure the usefulness and accuracy of Google Maps reviews.

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5 Ways Google Maps Reviews Are Moderated

1. Strict Content Policies

Google’s well-defined content policy is the backbone of Google’s approach to moderating reviews left on Google Maps.

Every site that accepts user-generated content should have well-defined policies that describe what is acceptable.

It helps users understand the limitations and also informs moderators when to log in.

2. Content Policy Is Integrated Into Google’s Algorithm

The next step Google has taken to protect the integrity of Google Maps reviews is to integrate content policies into Google’s algorithms using policies such as algorithm and human moderator training data.

3. Reviews are Immediately Moderated by Google

Google states that all reviews will be sent to their review moderation systems once the review is published.

Google uses a combination of human and machine rating systems.

Google Algorithms can process a review and submit it for publication in a matter of seconds.

Google has traditionally preferred to measure its systems using algorithms instead of relying on people to complete tasks.

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Google maps review factors 2022:

  • Is the content offensive?
  • Is the account leaving the review engage in suspicious behavior?
  • Is the content off-topic?
  • Is a spike in reviews related to news or social media attention which motivates fake reviews?

4. Google Encourages Community Moderation

Google says it is urging businesses and the general public to report fake reviews.

This is the standard method for moderating user-generated content (UGC).

This method is sometimes called Report-a-Post.

Report-a-Post is great because it makes users part of the community and gathers resources through a rating feature, which allows users and businesses to use their unique perspective to capture bad reviews generated by a moderator or pass-through algorithm.

5. Google is Proactive and Anticipates Fake Reviews

An interesting fact shared by Google is that it is active in anticipating events that could lead to offensive reviews.

Google provides comprehensive oversight of company venue reviews to ensure that only real and helpful reviews are published.

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