60% Increase in Spam Detection in 2020 – Google Webspam Report 2021

60% Increase in Spam Detection in 2020 - Google Webspam Report 2021

Google web spam report 2020 announced.

Google detected 40 billion pages of spam every day in 2020, a 60% increase from the previous year.

These 40 billion pages include hacked websites, fraudulently created websites, and other forms of Internet spam, fraud, and scam.


How AI helps

Google claims that advances in artificial intelligence have allowed sites that have reduced auto-generated and crawled content to appear in search results “more than 80% less than a few years ago.”

Although hacked spam “will continue to be rampant in 2020,” Google said they have “more than 50% improved detection capabilities,” leading the company to remove most of the hacked spam from search results.

Protecting Searchers From COVID misinformation

Google also said it focused heavily on protecting search engines from misinformation about the pandemic.

They “have gone to great lengths to extend the scope of protection to billions of searches” on such important topics as COVID. Google wrote that they have also “made significant progress in expanding coverage and protecting more users against fraud and online fraud.”

This includes Google’s addition of “more information about this result.”

Google Ads

Google also referred to the Bad Ads Report released earlier this year, which showed the company removed 3.1 billion ads in 2020.

Why not run these reports together? Well, the Google search team is separate from the Google Ads team and they will try to avoid working closely together.

Final Thoughts

Google continues to grow and search engines seem to keep coming back to Google for more and more queries.

When Google does not show spam on our website, low-quality and particularly harmful websites, we as search marketers like it.

We hope that through these efforts by Google, we can help you rank better for legitimate websites and ensure our search safety.

Source:How we fought Search spam on Google in 2020

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