Adding Punctuation After A Link Is Somehow Bad For SEO? – May 2021 Update

Adding Punctuation After A Link Is Somehow Bad For SEO - May 2021 Update

This is a new problem you have never heard of in the SEO field. Someone asked “whether adding punctuation after the link is bad for SEO”.

He said that he heard this as a rumor and didn’t know if it made any sense.

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The fact is that this is a myth, which is incorrect.

Google’s John Mueller answered this question on Twitter: “No, we don’t have any special consideration for the punctuation after the link.” He later added: “I don’t know if the ranking next to the link is in any A factor in search engines for crawling, indexing or ranking.”

The second part of the question is “Does Google pay more attention to backlinks at the beginning of the sentence than at the end?” John didn’t really answer, but the answer is actually no.

Source: Twitter.

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