Adult Video SEO Best Practices By Google – June 2021 Update

The Google Video SEO best practices document has been updated to include a section on how to optimize adult content for safe search.

SafeSearch is a setting that Google users can apply to their accounts to specify whether to show or block explicit images, videos, and websites in search results.

Google requires website owners to help search engines understand the nature of their website content.

This ensures that safe search settings can be applied when appropriate.

These are the guidelines that have been added to Google Docs.

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Group Adult-Only Videos in Common Location

If the site contains adult videos, Google strongly recommends that the videos be grouped separately from other videos on the site.

Add Metadata to Adult Pages

One of the strongest signals Google uses to determine whether a page contains content that should be filtered by SafeSearch is metadata.

Adult videos that have been tagged with the correct metadata can help Google understand whether to filter the entire page or selected videos when SafeSearch is enabled. In the absence of metadata, Google will look for signals generated by machine learning, as well as simpler signals, such as where the video was used before and the context in which the video was used.

Rather than relying on Google to solve the problem on its own, it is better to recommend website owners to use metadata like the following:

<meta name="rating" content="adult" />

Source: google search central

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