Top 11 Best Ahrefs Alternatives [Free & Paid] in 2020

Ahrefs Alternatives in 2020

Hey what’s up, Today we’re gonna be going through top 11 best Ahrefs alternatives.

So many of you guys have probably heard of the keyword research tool OR competitor analysis tool known as Ahrefs.

Personally, I love Ahrefs it’s a fantastic keyword research tool where you can look at your competitors, see their backlink profile, as well as look at new keyword opportunities and just get a general idea of your competition.

It’s a really great competition analysis tool for when you’re looking for keywords however it is quite pricey and I can understand that maybe you want just something different get a different opinion to write a different kind of keyword tool.

So, today we’re going to be going through the top 11 best Ahrefs alternatives both free and paid options. because I know some of you guys maybe you’re looking to a ball on a budget maybe you don’t care maybe you have a budget to spend.

So we’re gonna be looking at various different tools that you can utilize for your SEO keyword research and just competitor analysis in general.

There’s a lot of different types of tools so that’s why this list is quite diverse lots of different things to look at so without further ado let’s go ahead and jump right into it.

So as you can see obviously they’re offering their 7-day trial for 7 dollars and above that, it’s quite a pricey.

It can be expensive I personally love Ahrefs but I can see why you may want some sort of alternatives so let’s go ahead and jump into Ahrefs Alternatives.

Top 11 Best Ahrefs Alternatives in 2020

  1. SEMrush
  2. KWFinder
  3. Ubersuggest
  4. Keyword Sheeter
  5. Keywords Everywhere
  6. Keyword Surfer
  7. Answer The Public
  8. MOZ
  9. Long Tail Pro
  10. Buzzsumo
  11. Google Trends

1. SEMrush 

semrush - ahrefs alternatives

So, the first one here is SEMRush this is also a paid tool, but it is a different type of marketing toolkit as you can see for people doing digital marketing, SEO & you can also do a lot of the similar types of things that you can on Ahref with Semrush.

It really just kind of depends on the flavor that you like.

SEMRush offers quite a bit of different stuff it is more of an all-in-one type toolkit they give you very similar types of stats to a chap.

Personally, I find the SEMRush data to be a more accurate.

SEMRush has its benefits you can do a little bit different from keyword comparisons.

  • you can track positions
  • you can do SEO audits
  • you can track your campaigns etc.

SEMrush Killer Features :

  1. The most accurate data for search volume: When you do keyword research for your SEO & PPC campaign on any SEO tool, one of the most important metrics to check is keyword search volume. If you didn’t find the correct search volume for keywords, then it has been hard to guess that keywords are search or not in the search engine. But when you use the SEMrush SEO tool for keyword research, you will find the most accurate data regarding keyword volume, competition, etc. because SEMrush frequently updates its database and provides us the most accurate data for keywords. Indirectly it helps us to choose the most accurate keywords for our campaigns.
  2. Huge keyword database for Google: When you search for any keyword or phrases on Google, it will suggest max up to 10 suggestions, but there are some hidden keywords you don’t find directly on google for that SEMrush Keyword Magic Tools helps you to find more relevant keywords, as it exceeds the total numbers of keywords to 20 billion which makes SEMrush to have the largest database on the market. If you leverage it correctly, then you can optimize your SEO & PPC more efficiently.
  3. The most accurate position tracking tool on the market: The most accurate position tracking tool on the market: If you want to track your keyword ranking in Google, then SEMrush not only tracks your desktop rankings but also tracks mobile rankings accurately. SEMrush is updating data on a daily basis. So, you track your keyword positions more accurately. & most important you can utilize this feature on every plan you choose whereas in ahrefs you have to upgrade plan to get more updated data. if you are an SEO specialist or expert then this feature helps you a lot.
  4. SEO reporting: As an SEO specialist or expert, you have to track & report the KPI’s, campaign performance to the manager or client or boss, & creating manually it takes a lot of time. If you use SEMrush, you will find a reporting section where you can create customized reports and export them in PDF format, including Branded and White Label reports, report scheduling, and integration with GA, GMB, and GSC. This feature is not available in Ahrefs.
  5. A tool for toxic links monitoring and penalty recovery: Bad or Spammy backlinks is one of the de-ranking factor as per google guidelines. But one of the hectic task most of the blogger or SEO expert face that finding spammy backlinks on websites but thanks to SEMrush as their backlink audit tool help you to find these toxic links in no time. This tool does a detailed analysis of toxic backlinks, provides a toxic score with the option to outreach. There is no such advance feature available in Ahrefs.
  6. Content Marketing Platform: If you are a content marketer, then the SEMrush Content Marketing feature is the perfect handy tool for you to do content research, creation, & optimization, Which take your content marketing to the next level. SEO Writing Assistant,
    On-Page SEO Checker/SEO Content Template, Content Audit, Post Tracking, Brand Monitoring are some of the mindblowing features you will find only in SEmrush. In Ahrefs, you can just do content research, but no optimization, here SEMrush leads to Ahrefs.

Start Your 7 Day Free Trial Now 

SEMrush Vs Ahrefs Comparison

Features SEMrush Ahrefs
Search Volume 99% Accuracy 99% Accuracy
Keyword Database 20b 10.2b
Position Tracking Updating Daily, Available in all plans Need to upgrade to Rank Tracker Pro
SEO Reporting Custom PDF reports, including Branded and White Label
reports, report scheduling and integration with GA, GMB
and GSC.
No reporting
Toxic Links
Monitoring & Penalty
Detailed Analysis with outreach options Doesn’t have any toxic markers.
Content Marketing SEMrush has content optimization, creation tools and
has lots of unique features that will take your content to
the next level as, for example: SEO Writing Assistant,
On Page SEO Checker/SEO Content Template, Content
Audit, Post Tracking, Brand Monitoring.
Only content research no optimization

A lot of different things you can do obviously & if you are looking for ahrefs alternatives paid then SEMrush is highly recommended.

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2. KWFinder


Honestly, this is one of my favorite tools in my tool kit right here is KWFinder by mangles.

They partially free used to be, they still do offer a free trial where you have a 10-day free trial and you have 5 searches each day and it resets every 24 hours.

They’re a bit cheaper in terms of their pricing. So, they are more of an affordable option.\

If you are looking to spend some money on a tool I would KWFinder.

Their data and really the best thing about KWFinder I wouldn’t necessarily say that the SERP watcher, the rank tracking, link miner, the backlink analysis, site profiler SEO metrics it’s all right. 

I would say SEMRush and Ahref definitely the better ones to do total URL competitor analysis.

But KWFinder their strongest point is there specific keyword difficulty score. their keyword difficulty score is dead-on accurate. if it is within a certain range, for the most part, you can get a really good idea, if you can actually reasonably rank for that type of keyword that you’re going after. if it’s not too competitive.

Generally, that score is going to be pretty dead-on too. if it is reasonably competitive or not.

For example, a keyboard is an 11 and it shows green, you’re probably gonna be able to rank for that keyword in a reasonable amount of time. of course, it depends on the competition & other ranking factors. 

But I would say the keyword difficulty metrics are insanely good with KWFinder. estimated visits, the monthly search volume, interest over time is pretty accurate as well.

3. Ubersuggest


Neil Patel made this tool free so this is a hundred percent free. this one is 100% free so, if you have no budget relief for a keyword tool this is probably the best place to start, just because it can get you in the door right. 

You can get started with SEO and you know you can do some keyword research, find topics, and it’s free.

So, Ubersuggests is a pretty good tool.

  • you can at least see the top pages of people’s sites
  • their domain overview
  • general traffic trends
  • some keyword suggestions
  • competition analysis etc.

I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily the best in the industry, but it is pretty good and you can at least get started for free if you’re looking for a best free ahrefs alternatives. 

4. Keyword Sheeter 

keyword sheeter

Now it used to be known with an eye instead of the ease but it got purchased by Keywords Everywhere which will dig into more keywords everywhere and now they renamed it to keyword sheeter to be a little bit more PG.

If you punch in a keyword idea. so let’s just type cats, for example, okay we go ahead and type cats in you can sheet the keywords and it’s going to give you a massive tool as you can see you can stop Sheeting with a brown button and it’s going to give you a massive list of different words that people search in Google.

You can dig deeper into – you could maybe get rid of the sale keyword or something like that. you can remove some of the filters, you can maybe make it as positive filters, etc.

But this is just kind of giving you an idea of this tool. this one is 100% free, as well on they do have some units that you can purchase. unit cost it just gives you more results.

The tool has changed a little bit over the past few months. but you can generally do this a decent amount of times per day. 

So, I really like Keyword Sheeter, if I have a certain type of post may be the maybe the title is like cats can eat X or Kenny Y or something like that – like cats can do this or cats can climb up walls or some sort of type of posts maybe that does well for you then you can get other ideas off of that in your keyword sheet or list.

 It’s very unique in comparison to any other type of tool in this list so I would recommend checking it out even just because it’s it is free.

5. Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere this tool used to be free, it is now a paid tool but if you’re probably very familiar with this it’s a Chrome extension and basically, you can get the metrics right on Google.

  • Search volumes
  • CPC’s 
  • Competition

I would say the CPC and the search volume are the two best metrics that they have. now it’s a paid tool, it’s really not that expensive it might be 10 dollars for like hundreds of thousands of credits.

Pro Tip:- If you’re going to use this and you pay for it just make sure that you turn off the tool when you’re not using it. because every time you go into Amazon, you go to Google, you go into YouTube, any website that has a search box it’s going to use up the credits. only turn it on when you’re doing research and then turn off when you’re not using.

It is a relatively cheap tool and it’s still pretty useful.

6. Keyword Surfer

keyword surfer

Keyword Surfer having some functionality that Keywords Everywhere have, in short, it is one of the free Keywords Everywhere Alternatives.

7. Answer The Public 

answer the public

Answer The Public now that used to have this old guy here with the glasses and they just changed it out to this other older guy not quite as old as the glasses in the bearded guy. but anyway it’s a little bit strange why they always go with that but that just answers the public.

This is a free tool on which they have a pro version where you can select the regions. 

You can see a visualization of the data and give you suggestions kinda similar to keyword cheater.

Answer the public gives you a lot of variations. you can look at the different types of questions that people have in Google and get an idea of different types of topics that people are actually searching for and then maybe you pop it into a tool like SEMrush and get a bigger dig into the keyword.

There’s a lot of different options here with the comparisons, the alphabetical’s so I would also suggest answer the public just because it is free as well. So, it’s like you might as well try it out if you like it.

8. MOZ


 Moz is a free and paid, but it’s primarily paid. though they have a free trial, it is a paid type tool. 

I think that their data is pretty good. I wouldn’t necessarily compare it to SEMrush & Ahrefs in terms of doing keyword research directly, but I would say that Moz is really good at looking at the metrics of 404s.

If you have errors with your site there crawl reports are really really solid and they’re gonna point out if you have specific URL errors.

So, Moz crawl reports, their stats, and tracking are really solid. So you can track the keywords.

Overall it is good for crawl reports and tracking. 

9. Long Tail Pro

long tail pro

Long Tail Pro now this one I’ve only used a little bit I haven’t used it as much in-depth as these other ones but long tail pro is pretty good.

It is a paid tool in terms of costs it’s pretty comparable to the others. they can give you good keyword competition analysis. which is something that I like their keyword suggestions are really solid.

If you get used to their difficulty scores on they are pretty accurate as well in terms of total difficulty.

So, I would recommend Long Tail Pro as well as another tool option.

10. Buzzsumo


Buzzsumo this isn’t really directly a keyword tool necessarily but can give ideas on what type of content is doing really well.

This might be really good for a guest post outreach type campaign that you’re doing.

So this type of tool is great for outreach if you’re trying to see what type of pages do well on a site. okay, maybe I should pitch them something similar to what already does well on their site.

It shows you more of a social media perspective on sites and what types of engagement the content gets – how many shares whether it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit mentions.

So, you’ve got to see more of a social landscape of the content. this might be better if you’re running some sort of news type related site, then this could be pretty solid.

11. Google Trends

google trends

Google Trends a classic tool. this is not really directly a keyword research tool but more of a topical popularity tool.

You probably are familiar with this.

If you’re looking to get into a new type of article or maybe looking into a new topic-sub piece of content, a new silo for your website can give you an idea if this type of topic is trending up or trending down.

This is just another good thing to add to your general SEO tool kit So, I would definitely recommend Google Trends if you’re looking to do more of a broad scope marketing approach and dig into a new type of silo and topics.

Final Thoughts

So, those are all of the top 11 best Ahrefs Alternatives free and paid options.

If you really want to speed up your SEO activities then always go for paid one [ SEMrushStart Your Free Trail Now] but if you are just starting then good to go with a free one.

Which one you are going to use or currently using, please let us know in the comment section below.

Hope this ahrefs alternatives information helps you in any way.

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