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Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT)


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  • Google Search Console Alternative
  • Check Website Health
  • Track DR & UR
  • Analyze Backlinks
  • Free Of Cost


  • No Competitor Analysis

Hi guys! 

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) : Today I just wanted to share something which I found out & thought would be helpful for you. 

Most of you want to get ahrefs tool for free & good news is that ahrefs hears your wish & launched a new SEO tool for webmasters like you. 

So, lets checkout & review it.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT)

Ahrefs introduced a new free SEO tool called Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT). It is now kind of like a freemium SEO tool where they are giving an option to the customers to analyze their website data for free.

How the Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) Works

You can do a site audit, view all site explorer data for free. 

But firstly, you need to verify your domain with google search console. If you did, then ahrefs will be able to see & fetch all the data, and they might use it to refine their data, internal data, and everything. So, it works like any SEO tool.

*Note:- You can’t use this to see a competitor domain data or div to a domain where you haven’t verified it.

How To Use Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) For Free

1. All you need to do is sign up, click on sign up for free.

signup for free ahrefs webmaster tool

2. You can do sign up with Gmail or email.

signup with gmail, facebook or email ahrefs webmaster tool

3. Check your inbox & click on confirm mail. 

activate your ahrefs webmaster tool

4. Fill out the information and click on continue. 

ahrfs webmaster tool account form

 5. Now you need to verify it directly from google search console, or you can add manually, and the process is similar. Click on import.  

import website data through google search console

6. Select the websites to want to import & click on import 

select projects to import in ahrefs webmaster tool

7. Once you have signed it up, you will see the dashboard, where your sites are added successfully & ahrefs started crawling it.

ahrfs webmaster tool account dasboard

8. Now you can see Site Audit started for your website where you can check website health score, crawled URLs & distribution, crawl status of links found, issue distribution, error distribution, top issues, bulk export, etc.

ahrfs webmaster tool website audit

10. You also have access to all the ahrefs site explorer functionality for your website for free. Nothing is limited! You can check the backlinks, referring domains, broken links, organic keywords rankings, organic traffic, DR & UR, top pages, PPC keywords, etc.

ahrfs webmaster tool site explorer

Get Ahrefs For Cheap

✅ Pros

  • Google Search Console Alternative
  • Personal Website SEO Audit Tool
  • Check Health Score
  • Track DR & UR
  • Track Organic Traffic
  • Analyze Backlinks
  • Free Of Cost

❌ Cons

  • No Competitor Webite Analysis

💲 Price

  • AWT is free to use (No monthly or yearly charges)

Google Search Console Alternative 

Google Search Console is the first technical SEO audit tool by Google itself. You can find insights like impression, clicks, crawl errors, backlinks, etc. of your site.

But the issue with Search Console is you can’t analyze websites in detail, so, to fill this gap, Ahrefs Webmaster Tool is the best alternative option. Ahrefs new tool gives you more data to analyze & audit your website. 

Final Thoughts

This ahrefs free SEO tool looks promising though it has some functionality that of Google search console has. the difference is that, in ahrefs webmaster tools, you can analyze your website more in detail, which benefits webmasters. 

So, if you are confused, to get a premium Ahrefs account, then now you can sign up for AWT for free. And if you need more data for other sites, you can always upgrade your account to get full access to all of our SEO tools. 

Hope Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Review helps you in any way.

Share your experience of using AWT in the comment section below.

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