Top 5 Best Online Video Editor 2021 Free & Paid

Video Maker is an online service where you can quickly make videos for social networks or a website without the help of specialists. Constructors are available to beginners and do not require any great skills – their work can be figured out in less than one day.

To make a video, you do not need to learn complex editing programs like Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro – you need to choose the appropriate service and start creating.

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Top 5 Best Online Video Editor 2021

Video EditorsExport formatsTemplatesAudioPrice
CanvaGIF and mp4Yes Yes Free & Pro plan for $ 9.95/m
Animakermp4 Yes Yes Free, individual plan for $ 12/m, Startup for $ 19/m, and Business for $ 39/m.
PowToonGIF and mp4 full HD Yes Yes Free, Pro $ 19/m, Pro + $ 59/m, and Agency $ 99/m.
Biteablemp4 Yes Yes Free with a watermark, Starter $ 15/m, Pro $ 29/m, and Unlimited $ 49/m.
FlexClipmp4 Yes Yes Free, Basic $ 4.99/m, Plus $ 7.99/m.
Top 5 Best Online Video Editor 2021

1. Canva

Canva is a well-known service that was originally conceived as a graphics editor.

Here you can create posts and covers for social networks, video business cards, trailers, video presentations, posters, logos, and much more.

Canva now lets you create animated posts and stories and save them as mp4 or GIFs.

Price: Free limited edition and Pro plan for $ 9.95 per month.

Export formats: export to GIF and mp4.

Templates: yes. Ready-made templates are only square (size 800 px x 800 px), but you can take any static template and add animated objects there.

Audio: has its music library.

Pros :

  • Easy to figure out;
  • A lot of templates and animated objects;
  • Library of photos and videos from stocks;
  • Mobile application for video creation;
  • You can make not only video but also graphics in jpg and png formats.

Cons :

  • Not found.

2. Animaker

Animaker is a powerful constructor in which you can create videos with 2D animation, hand-drawn videos (Whiteboard), video infographics and typography, footage, promo videos, congratulations.

The video is created from scenes where animated characters and static objects from the library are added.

Each character has several animation options.

Price: Free, individual plan for $ 12 per month, Startup for $ 19 per month, and Business for $ 39 per month.

Export formats: mp4.

Templates: Yes, primarily standard horizontal 16: 9.

Audio: there is a library of music and sound effects. You can upload your own track.

Pros :

  • There are ready-made scene templates;
  • It’s easy to make a video – you need to select a background, drag and drop the animated character and adjust the transitions;
  • There is ready-made music and sound effects;
  • There is a built-in tool for creating voiceovers.

Cons :

  • There are few characters and objects available in the free version;
  • Commercial use of video is allowed only on the Business tariff;
  • On the Free tariff, you can save only five videos per month in low SD quality 854 px x 480 px;
  • In the free version of the video with a watermark.

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3. PowToon

PowToon is a professional analog of Animaker.

There are many more possibilities for creating videos, an excellent interface, and many animated characters, objects, and scenes.

The resource is suitable for creating commercial videos and presentations.

There are two modes of working with video: Edit – you can make minor changes to the template (for example, replace text or animation) and Create – a full-fledged editor where you can add new objects and scenes, as well as music.

Price: Free, $ 19 per month Pro, $ 59 per month Pro +, and $ 99 per month Agency.

Export formats: GIF and mp4 full HD.

Templates: Yes, horizontal videos 16: 9 (suitable for Youtube) and square ones for social networks.

Audio: Built-in music library.

Pros :

  • starting from the Pro plan, you can use the video for commercial purposes;
  • there is a music library;
  • You can export the file not only as a video but also as a presentation in PPT and PDF formats;
  • You can import a Powerpoint presentation and make a video out of it.

Cons :

  • Expensive;
  • Unlimited number of exports is available only from the Pro + tariff;
  • On a free plan video with a watermark, size up to 3 minutes, 100 mb storage for files;
  • There are a few ready-made templates in the free version;
  • Harder than all the previous constructors.

4. Biteable

Biteable is another handy template builder.

The editor has version 2 – Biteable 1.0. The whole point boils down to selecting ready-made slides and replacing the text in them, and the second – Biteable 3.0. The first editor contains more than 1,000 ready-made scenes and 800,000 video footage.

There really is plenty to choose from. A rich selection compensates for the minimal settings.

The second editor has more options for working with text and background, with more than 300 templates to choose from.

But in general, the editor is still more straightforward.

Price: Free with a watermark, Starter from $ 15 per month, Pro from $ 29 per month, and Unlimited from $ 49 per month.

Export formats: mp4.

Templates: Yes, 16: 9 templates (vertical and horizontal), square videos for social networks, and 4: 5 format are available.

Audio: has its music library. In Biteable 3.0, you can upload your track.

Pros :

  • Many ready-made templates, especially in the Biteable 1.0 version;
  • Few settings, suitable for those who need to make videos of the same type quickly and often.

Cons :

  • Too simple and limited functionality;
  • expensive;
  • At the minimum tariff, you can make only one video per month. At the Pro tariff, only 3. To remove the limit, you need to buy the most expensive tariff;
  • There are few fonts in Biteable 1.0 (13), of which only a couple of them support Cyrillic.

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5. FlexClip

FlexClip is a simple constructor, nothing special.

Here you can upload photos and videos from your computer or import media files from the built-in library.

Basic settings are background replacement, word processing, adding music, and video resizing (formats 1: 1, 16: 9, and 9:16 are available)—very minimalistic digital service.

Price: free, Basic $ 4.99 per month, Plus $ 7.99 per month.

Export formats: mp4.

Templates: yes, almost all templates are horizontal 16: 9, but in the project settings, you can change the video to vertical or square for social networks.

Audio: there is a library of stock music.

Pros :

  • Easy to make videos;
  • Built-in photo and video library;
  • There is ready-made music;
  • You can record your voice right in the editor.

Cons :

  • On a free plan, you can make only one video up to 1 minute long;
  • Too simple constructor.

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Final Thoughts

Videos plays a vital role in today’s world of online marketing.

If you don’t have a great video for your marketing campaigns then its quite difficult to engage with targeted audience as customers likely to consume videos more nowadays.

So above mentioned “top 5 best online video editor 2021” are best if you want to create videos online for free(for more advance features need to upgrade)

Hope this article helps you in anyway. Comment your favorite online video editor tool below.

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