Creating Unrelated Content For Links is “Wasted Opportunity” – John Muller

Creating Unrelated Content For Links is "Wasted Opportunity"

Google’s John Mueller was asked whether creating a blog and creating content not related to your business violates Google’s webmaster guidelines, the sole purpose of which is to create links.

John said no, this does not violate Google’s guidelines, but it is all a “wasted opportunity.”

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In short, an example given by Rich Howard on Twitter (I think this is a fictitious example) is that a lawn care company created a blog and wrote in the “Best New Mom City in 2021” “And “Best Cities in America.” 2021 is “stone throwing”, and so on. All of this content on this blog has nothing to do with lawn care. Rich Howard said the company did this to “build relationships.” Rich added: “They are not trying to rank, they are just establishing links. They do this to establish many such links with the system.”

John Mueller responded on Twitter: “We don’t think this violates the webmaster guidelines.” Specifically, there is no link scheme in the Google guidelines specifically mentioned in this article. Create unique content on non-business-related topics.

But John said that doing all these things “seems to be a waste of opportunity.” He said: “Google’s systems use things like context and anchor text in the number of links, so they seem to build a reputation primarily for non-turf care content.” In essence, these link building efforts will enable you Have a reputation for topics that the website does not want to rank for, but why not spend energy on writing content that attracts links, so as to help the entire website build a reputation on keywords and on the website. Meet your market needs to be really care.

Source: Twitter.

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