Creative Commons Search is joining – May 2021 Update

Creative Commons Search is joining - May 2021 Update

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that provides an ad-free search experience.

CC Search relies on donations to maintain operations.

After eliminating the hosting fee, CC Search will no longer depend on generous donations from future users; In addition, Automattic will also hire key members of the CC Search team and sponsor their work.

Creative CC relies on a team of volunteer developers to keep its projects open source.

Some of these volunteers may be paid for their work for the first time.

Although it is unclear whether Automattic will hire CC volunteers or full-time engineering staff, in any case, this is a huge win for Creative Commons.

Since 2001, Creative Commons has been helping publishers find publicly licensed images.

Support for audio and video will be added soon.

Without this kind of help from WordPress, this would be impossible.

Hiring CC Search team members will open the door for future expansion to offer more features.

Matt Mullenweg, CEO of WordPress parent company Automattic, said that after learning that CC Search was in danger of shutting down, he decided to put CC Search on the board of directors:

One of Mullenweg’s ways to keep CC Search up and running is to give it a new home on, which will eliminate a lot of indirect costs for CC Search, because WordPress can bear the cost of hosting its 500 million image repository.

Mullenweg said that once all of the CC Search content can run on WordPress and run on WordPress, he will share details on the next plan in a few weeks.

In addition to the benefits of continuing to access CC Search, I’m sure everyone can search for posts and add images to them without leaving the WordPress editor.

Creative Commons currently provides an official WordPress plugin, the Yes plugin, website owners can easily add free licenses for their content.

The native functions may be available in future versions of WordPress.

Creative Commons has yet to release an official statement, but former CEO Ryan Merkley offered his thoughts on Twitter:

Source: Matt Mullenweg’s personal blog 

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