Does FAQ Structured Data Still Work? – John Muller Explanation -May 2021 Update

Does FAQ Structured Data Still Work? - John Muller Explanation -May 2021 Update

He asked Google’s John Mueller about the status of the FAQ’s structure data and if the data can still be used to produce rich results.

Mueller answered yes and explained the process of adjusting not only the rich results, but also the search results themselves.

FAQ Structured Data

Structured data is markup, just like HTML, it provides information on a web page in an organized way, which can then be used to display distinctive results (called “rich results”).

Rich results are often coveted because they are large and distinctive at the top of search results.

Rich FAQ results dominate search results and knock out one or two competitors from the first page of the top 10.

Results may show only seven search results instead of ten.

Fine Tuning the Search Results

An interesting thing that happened during this office hour meeting was that John was told by many people that they had made a change to the website, which resulted in a negative ranking result.

Mueller’s answer to these questions is, keep in mind that Google has been making changes (fine-tuning?) To search results and minimizing the causality of the changes that people are asking for.

The frequently asked questions that Google displays are not as rich as the search results when they were first entered. Regarding John Mueller’s lack of FAQs to explain the rich results, it is interesting that the answers were given in the context of Google’s “fine-tuning” of the rich results.

When trying to understand some (but not all) of the changes that Google has made to search engine results pages (SERPs), it can be helpful to put the query framework in context, that is, whether the change is likely to be fine-tune, and if so, which will Google fine-tune it? The response can be a combination of user experience and Google’s desire to display as many responses as possible on the page to satisfy these users.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from May 14, 2021

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