Does Google uses Trust Metrics for Ranking Websites?

Google’s John Mueller answered a question at Google’s Office Hours Hangout on “how to build trust in Google?“.

Trustworthiness is a hot topic, along with expertise and authority.

Mueller addresses the issue of trust factors in his answer.

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What is Trustworthiness for website?

Google’s Quality Assurance Guidelines have important expertise, authority, that search quality reviewers need to consider when evaluating search results for certain types of queries, especially what Google calls YourMoney or YourLife (YMYL) categories.

Trustworthiness is a big issue today because it talks about Trust. For medical and financial search queries, etc.

So it’s no wonder SEO wants to know how to increase trust in Google.

How to Improve Trustworthiness of Website?

The person who asked the question probably wanted to know what was the best way to improve their credibility with Google in order to achieve a better ranking.

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Does Google Measures Trust Metrics?

Google’s John Mueller answered:

“I don’t think we have like a trust factor that we can look at and say, oh trust is at (I don’t know) nine of out of twelve or whatever number you would have there.

So that’s kind of (I don’t know) …it’s almost like a philosophical question at that point.

It’s like, does improving the quality of your content overall make a website more trustworthy with regards to Google?

And like well… I don’t know. There are no metrics specifically for that.”

Metrics are a useful way to measure and evaluate something.

John Mueller makes it clear that Google has no specific way to measure Trustworthiness.

The only reason that credibility is important in search quality reviewer guidelines is that we require external reviewers to be credible.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s part of Google’s algorithm and that Google has an algorithm to assess the authenticity of a website.

What are the best practices to improve trustworthiness of website?

After that, Mueller confirmed the best practice of content enhancement.

“I think improving the quality of your content is always a good idea.

But it’s uh …lots of things are involved there.

And when it comes to trust it’s definitely not a matter of just links that are pointing at a website.”

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It is always a bad idea to participate in the content of a patent or John Mueller’s remarks and make it mean something outside the context of a patent or a general statement.

John Mueller’s answer that there is no measure of credibility was put in the context of answering the question of whether “great content” or “links” can help increase credibility with Google.

Instead of focusing on whether links and content affect Google and trust your website, Mueller discourages thinking in terms of affecting non-existent trust factors.

Encourage the person to focus on improving the content.

Content is one of the few things that publishers have complete control over, and can’t say about legitimate links.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from October 22, 2021


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