Does Web Hosting Affect SEO?

So you’ve spent enormous amounts of your time, efforts, and money on improving your website’s ranking but failed! Your web hosting can be a potential reason. Wondering?

Making an incorrect decision in choosing a web host can adversely impact your website SEO.

Let us dig deeper How does web hosting affect SEO?

Why is SEO important?

*Quick fact: Nearly 175 new websites are created every minute. 

Also, there exist over 1.88 billion websites in the Internet space today. The online marketplace is growing at lightning speed, making competition for organizations fierce every day. 

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For increased brand visibility, leads, and sales, organizations strive to rank their websites on the #1 search results page.

But as it is said, the best place to hide a website is the second page of Google.

This means that, if a website does not rank on the first page, it is hard to get noticed online.  

And that is where SEO comes into play. Using SEO tricks and techniques, businesses can get their websites ranked & get better visibility and traffic.

When their website appears above their competitors on Google for the products and services they sell,

they can dominate the market & make huge profits. Hence, SEO is crucial these days. 

Why is Web Hosting Important?

Developing a website does not mean buying a domain and creating pages with relevant business information.

Your website needs a ‘home’ too so that people can ‘visit’ it. That is why web hosting is important.

A hosting server stores the web pages of a website to make them accessible on the internet.

Moreover, hosting it on the right platform ensures your website runs fast and smoothly. There are many hosting service providers out there to offer different types of web hosting services.

While it is daunting to pick the right web hosting company, the health of your website depends on the hosting services you choose. 

But if you fail, your website may experience some or all the issues discussed in the next section. 

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 Top 3 Ways Web Hosting Affects SEO Poorly

Let us know the key factors that get affected by poor web hosting: 

1. Page Load Time 

Would you visit a website that takes longer to load on your screens? Even your customers wouldn’t!  

The loading time of your website severely influences your user experience & creates an impression about you accordingly.

A website that takes more than 2 seconds to load is likely to lose its audience & never get them back. 

Different types of web hosting have different impacts on the page loading speed of your website.

For instance, it is difficult to achieve a 2-seconds page loading speed with shared hosting.

Hence, you should consider Cloud Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting if you want to improve the website loading speed significantly. 

2. Website Downtime

What is worst: A site that loads slowly or a site that doesn’t load at all? When your website isn’t available, it leads to a bad user experience and negative SEO results.

Also, the web crawlers will not take any notice of your website if it goes off or isn’t available.

Repeated reports of this issue can negatively impact your search ranking (SERPs) thereby ruining all your SEO efforts. 

Bear in mind that poor site maintenance by your hosting provider is a potential cause of constant site downtimes.

However, the right hosting provider will ensure you don’t face downtime issues.

When searching for a web hosting provider you can consider a Hostingseekers – best hosting directory 2022 for choosing the company that guarantees a certain uptime percentage.

Note that the best web hosts will ensure 99.99% or even 100% uptime for your website.

3. Security 

Apart from reliability and speed, website security is an important factor that will impact your SEO effort.

Search engines these days give preferences to websites that are secure.

Having an SSL certificate & website URL with HTTPS is an example of how security is an important factor for SEO as there is a difference between HTTP vs HTTPS.

And if your website gets hacked, it may face long-term repercussions on your SERPs.  

Hence, the security benefits your hosting provider give you play a vital role in your website.

Always look for web hosting companies that offer the latest security features. 

Final Thoughts

Other ways such as location, incorrect domains (TLD), and poor technical support also affect your website’s SEO.

With the increasing competition to be on #1, fierce SEO has become a necessity for businesses.

However, failing to choose the right hosting provider can hamper their SEO badly. 

Consider the above-mentioned points and focus equally on your web hosting. Invest in web hosting so that your SEO efforts don’t get compromised. 


Why hosting is important for SEO?

When it comes to search engine rankings, fast and reliable web hosting is essential for the success of any SEO campaign. All Google algorithms are focused on providing the best user experience to its users, so fast sites are rewarded with better Google rankings.

Which hosting is best for SEO?

HostGator – Best for uptime and speed. SiteGround – Best for SSL. InMotion – Best for backups. A2 Hosting – Best for help and support. GoDaddy Hosting – Best for server location and extra features.

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