Facebook Apple Privacy Changes – Tweaking Its Ad Tools To Comply

Facebook Tweaking Ad Tools Conform to Apple's Privacy Changes

Facebook said Wednesday that it will make changes to its advertising tools to comply with Apple’s upcoming privacy update, which limits the effectiveness of data collection functions used by advertisers.

As the world’s largest social media company, Apple’s “App Tracking Transparency” feature has caused controversy.

It is expected to be added to the latest iPhone software update next week.

This feature allows users to prevent advertisers from tracking them in their app.

Apple said it was upholding the right to data privacy, but was criticized by Facebook, app developers and startups, whose business models are based on ad tracking.

Facebook said Wednesday that changes to its advertising tools will limit how and how it selects target audiences.

The company said it is investing in privacy-enhancing technologies to minimize the amount of data collected from users.

Facebook and Apple are also wrestling with commission from iPhone makers that charge fees for apps featured on iOS devices, and the social media giant supports the smaller developers most affected by the policy.

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