Facebook Audio & Video Calls For Small Businesses Launched

Facebook has launched a series of updates for small businesses, including audio and video calls on Messenger and live audio rooms.

These updates are made just in time for the holiday shopping season and probably account for 20% of SMEs’ annual revenue.

This season, businesses will have more ways to communicate with their customers, more opportunities to book directly on Facebook, and make it easier to create ads.

Here’s a summary of everything Facebook announced this week:

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Facebook For Businesses New Features 2021

Facebook Audio & Video Calling

Facebook will use Messenger’s Business Inbox to begin testing voice and video calls with selected small businesses.

Combine phone, video and text communication into one application. Companies can communicate seamlessly and facilitate transactions with their customers without leaving Messenger.

These enhanced features help businesses close more transactions by allowing them to quickly protect hard-to-find items.

Facebook Appointment Bookings

Appointment bookings on Facebook are currently expanding around the world.

Facebook is gradually implementing this feature in all small businesses around the world.

Small business owners can receive and manage new and existing appointments with their customers on their Facebook page.

The company can offer reservations at no additional cost.

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Facebook Live Audio Rooms

Facebook is expanding the possibilities of creating vibrant audio rooms for small businesses.

The live audio rooms was launched earlier this year and is widely recognized as Facebook’s reaction to the clubhouse.

Small businesses can host lively conversations on topics related to their customers, and people can find them on Facebook.

Organizers can invite friends, followers, creators, or room listeners as speakers.

Speakers can be invited before or during a conversation.

Updates to Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite offers new tools designed to help small businesses save time and focus on processing holiday orders.

Business Suite updates streamline the creation process and give business owners new insights.

The full list of changes includes:

  • Ability to create Instagram-only ads on desktop.
  • New insights to help measure ad performance.
  • Recommendations on campaign optimizations.
  • Recommendations on audience targeting.
  • Easy access to official best practices.

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Changes to Facebook’s Personalized Ads

Facebook is testing a new way to let people know that they support small businesses when communicating with personal ads.

For example, if you like small business ads, users can view posts in your feed.

The message emphasizes to users that their commitment helps small businesses grow and more customers can find them.

Updates to Facebook Ad Creation

It’s easier to create an ad from your Facebook business page.

Facebook adapts Ad Manager’s ad creation process to better align campaign goals with traditional marketing goals such as awareness, website traffic, leads, and sales.

The 11 goals that companies have had to choose are summarized in three:

  1. Automated Ads
  2. Create an Ad
  3. Boost Existing Content

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