Facebook Bulletin Launched – New Monetization Platform for Writers – June 2021 Update

Facebook announced that it will provide writers with a new service called Bulletin, which will help them attract, grow, and profit from audiences.

100% of subscription revenue goes to the creator.

Bulletin is an independent website on Bulletin.com.

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What is Facebook Bulletin?

Bulletin is a set of tools that authors can use to publish independent websites, process subscription payments, and use Facebook’s social network for more interaction and expand their readership and subscription groups.

The service is currently being launched in the United States with a select group of writers including Malcolm Gladwell.

More features and tools will be introduced next year.

Facebook Bulletin Features

  • Publishing tools
  • Sustainable business models
  • Discovery and distribution
  • Community building features
  • Publishing Tools

Facebook Bulletin Benefits

The CMS provided by Facebook Bulletin makes it easy for publishers to create fully customizable independent websites.

Bulletin provides authors with 100% revenue and portability of content and email lists, is responsible for collecting subscriptions, and includes analysis to help authors understand their audience.

This means that writers can choose to move to another platform and carry their content and subscribers with them.

Distribution and Discovery

Bulletin will use the Facebook ecosystem to help build audiences by making it eligible to be seen on Facebook News.

Bulletin will also integrate with Facebook pages.

Building Community

Authors can use all currently available Facebook features, such as groups, Facebook live broadcasts, and live audio rooms, to take advantage of new monetization and participation opportunities.

Bulletin More Features and Tools Coming Soon…

Facebook announced that it will provide more features. Facebook Bulletin continues to provide other Facebook tools that support creators.

Instead of relying on third-party content outside of Facebook, Facebook is creating an ecosystem that generates Facebook native and proprietary content.

Malcolm Gladwell’s newsletter is called Oh, MG. Explain that this announcement will give you the opportunity to express yourself in a less formal way and directly contact these readers.

Facebook Bulletin continues the development of Facebook to discover unique content sources.

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