Facebook Launches Neighborhood – Alternative to Nextdoor? – May 2021 Update

Facebook Launches Neighborhood - Alternative to Nextdoor? - May 2021 Update

Facebook released Neighborhoods, a new feature in the main app that offers many Nextdoor-like features.

Neighborhoods was first listed in Canada and will soon be available in the United States.

It is an application within the application that provides space for Facebook users to connect outside of news feed.

They can then join the discussion forum with other users who live in the same area of ​​the city.

Neighbors are an extension of what users have already done on Facebook, like connecting with people they know, supporting local businesses, and sharing recommendations.

The added experience is that users can interact with a wider range of local users who are not directly connected.

What is Facebook Neighborhoods?

Facebook ‘Neighborhoods’ Makes it Easy For Locals to Connect
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Neighbors is the part of the Facebook application dedicated to the user’s neighbors.

Users can join the experience by creating a neighbor profile different from their main profile.

The neighbor’s profile will be included in the user’s Facebook profile with the same name, profile photo and cover photo.

Users can add other information about themselves, such as personal interests, favorite places, and short personal profiles.

Facebook will ask users to confirm their neighbors to make sure they really live where they say they are.

Users can also join their own nearby communities.

Connecting With Neighbors

After joining the community, users will be able to discuss with neighbors, or start their own discussions by creating posts.

The dedicated neighborhood question feed allows users to provide answers to questions submitted by neighbors, which is certainly a useful reference point for newcomers.

If interacting with neighbors on the Facebook section is not exclusive enough, users can create and join groups under “Neighbors” to interact with locals about specific topics.

Places & Recommendations

The recommendation feature allows users to share recommendations on places and businesses to visit with their neighbors.

Users looking for local suggestions on specific content can post polls so other people in the neighborhood can vote.

Neighborhood Groups

Users who belong to a neighborhood can create and join a group.

This can be an effective way for people to meet other like-minded people.

Neighborhood groups can also be used to coordinate projects and even schedule meetings when restrictions are removed.

Local group admins on Facebook can import their groups to neighbors so that more people can find and join them.

Then they can continue to build communities that have already been put to work.

Other Notes

People on Facebook are hosted by the community to ensure the safety and inclusion of the community.

The host can remove posts that violate the neighborhood guidelines and Facebook community standards.

Facebook noted that activities in the “neighbors” can be used to customize user activities throughout the application, that is, the ads that are displayed.

For this reason, this is a smart way for Facebook to continue collecting user data, and it is possible to keep it in the app longer, because they don’t have to open new apps like Nextdoor.

Source:  Facebook Newsroom

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