Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, & Instagram Integrating Into One Platform

Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, & Instagram Integrating Into One Platform

Tech giant Facebook has started planning the integration of Facebook Messenger with Instagram DM and WhatsApp. The company successfully integrated Facebook Messenger with Instagram’s DM (direct messaging) last year, and now the company has taken the first step to integrate WhatsApp into the portfolio.

Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp merger in the works

Italian code miner Alessandro Paluzzi discovered the WhatsApp chat hidden within the Facebook Messenger code. Although it is not currently possible to integrate WhatsApp with Facebook Messenger, Paluzzi forced the use of a thread to make it recognizable as a WhatsApp chat in order to preview when the feature will be available after the integration is complete.

The image above is a visual representation of the new features. According to the WABetaInfo report, some of the features that have been implemented on Facebook could soon be applied to WhatsApp. Obviously this feature is still in beta and is currently being tested for iOS users. It has not been confirmed when this feature will be available on these platforms. As the integration feature is reportedly already in the testing phase and has been shown in the application code, it is safe to assume that the feature will be put into use later this year.

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