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Facebook Shops: Today the whole world is facing the corona virus epidemic. Its biggest loss is the business world. Medium, Large or Small Industries. All have been victims of this epidemic. But once again the relief news for them has come out.

What are Facebook Shops?

The Facebook company has started online shops under the name Facebook Shop. Under this facility, shopkeepers will be able to create their own virtual shop on Facebook and Instagram. Also, you will be able to make a list of what is similar in their shop.

The main motive behind doing this by Facebook is that small and medium enterprises can maintain their presence even during the epidemic and lockdown.

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Why Facebook Shops?

In this regard, Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg said that the economy needs to be restructured amid the epidemic. For this reason, expanding e-commerce is also important.

If shops or restaurants cannot be opened for real due to lockdown, then you can open them virtually through Facebook or Instagram, as well as sell and buy them online.

CEO Zuckerberg said that these shops will be available on businesses’ Facebook pages and Instagram profiles.

Stories will also be seen in these as well as advertisements can also be run. All the items of the shops will be visible on Facebook within the virtual shop, along with this item can be saved or people can also order it.

How To Sell On Facebook Shops

If you have small business & want to sell your products on Facebook then check out below video on how to sell on Facebook Shops easily.

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How To Shop On Facebook Shops

If you are buyer and looking for products to buy on Facebook then check out below video How to shop on Facebook Shops easily.

Final Thoughts

Facebook Shops feature will help a small business owners like you during current pandemic situation by bringing & selling your products online on Facebook easily. It is great initiative by Mark Zukerbergs & Facebook team.

Whereas it also has benefits for buyers like you to shop your local products on Facebook while chatting, interacting with friends without going outside during COVID-19.

With this Facebook is preparing both seller and buyer for virtual shopping experience that will be trend in future.

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