Google Adding More Ways To Edit Business Info in Search & Maps

Google now has more ways for businesses to edit the information that appears on the search engine without leaving the search or map.

This is an extension of the feature Google started implementing last year, allowing companies to edit basic information and send messages to customers from search results.

Ability to add or edit more details, such as contact information and business hours, and create posts to share updates directly from Google search.

The following is an overview of all the new things that businesses can perform without leaving the search results.

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Add/Update Services

Companies that provide local services (such as construction, car repair, or hairdressing) can use the “Edit Profile” menu in the search to update the services they provide and the local area they serve (if applicable).

Accept Takeout & Delivery Orders

Google allows food companies to accept takeaway and delivery orders directly through their business profiles on Google Search and Maps.

In the next few weeks, these companies will be able to add and update online ordering options directly from Google Search.

When ordering through Google is enabled, businesses can indicate their takeout and delivery order preferences so that customers can understand which method is most effective.

Companies can also add menu items from “Search and Maps” to their profile by clicking “Edit Profile”.

Create Posts

It’s never been easier for companies to create and publish Google posts because they can now be done directly from the SERP.

By publishing publications on Google My Business, you can share updates, such as special offers or new products, with search engines.

Starting next week, companies will be able to create posts about upcoming events, including when and where they will happen, even if they only happen online.


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