Google Ads Creative Studio Launched – June 2021 Update

Google announced the launch of a new creative advertising tool called “Ads Creative Studio”, which aims to unify a variety of creative tools.

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Ads Creative Studio will include the following tools:

  • Director Mix (A tool that allows brands to create video assets at scale, which previously wasn’t available to all advertisers.)
  • Dynamic Display & HTML5 creation tools
  • Audio Mixer and Dynamic Audio tools
  • A Project Library

How Google Ads Creative Studio Help?

The goal of this change is to create multiple content more easily. Ads Creative Studio will have a separate asset library, treating them as building blocks for advertising and project libraries, where creators can collaborate on ad creation.

Because of the asset library, it aims to optimize asset management. You can have one team manage the original assets and another team use them to create ads.

Similarly, one team can use the original assets to create display ads, and another team can use them to create YouTube ads.

Putting everything in one place makes it easier to ensure that everyone gets the same approved assets.

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For teams with strict brand guidelines, brands and creative teams may be more willing to create all the assets and then pass them on to the media team.

The beauty of this tool is that since it is independent of media tools and platforms, the risk of allowing editorial access for creative managers should be low.

In this case, they will deliver the advertisement to the media team for them to launch after finalization.

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