Google Ads Dynamic Exclusion Lists Rolling Out in Coming Weeks

Google Ads Dynamic Exclusion Lists

In the past year, brand safety has been a top priority for many businesses, and Google’s new dynamic exclusion list can help advertisers avoid showing ads near the content they want to avoid.


“After advertisers upload the dynamic exclusion list to their Google Ads account, they can schedule automatic updates when new pages or domains are added to ensure that their exclusion list remains valid and up-to-date. This feature will be available to all users in the coming weeks.” check details here

“Advertiser Controls” Previously Used by Paid Search Marketers

Prior to this update, the “Advertiser Control” option in Google Ads allowed search marketers to exclude certain websites, content types, and entire topics from campaigns. However, in its current form, many advertisers, especially smaller companies, cannot keep up.

Alejandro Borgia, director of ads privacy & safety said,

We’ve heard from some of our partners that the current tools in place for blocking web pages or websites require dedicated resources and regular updating, which can pose a challenge for any advertiser, but especially smaller ones with limited staff and in-house expertise

Ginny Marvin, ads product liaison tweet

Why its important?

As content changes and evolves on the Internet, it is vital that advertisers stay up to date with the exclusion rules they need to ensure that their brands are not displayed near content that does not match their information. Dynamic exclusion lists can make it easier for your brand to do so, while reducing advertisers’ time and effort.

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