Google Ads Insights Page Rolls Out Globally April 2021

Google Ads Insight Page rolls out globally april 2021

Google’s Ads Insight Page rolls out to all accounts on April 2021.

The Google Ads insight page has been officially launched for all advertisers around the world. The Insight page was initially released as a Beta version in November 2020.

What Is the Google Ads Insights Page?

Google’s Insight Page designed to help advertisers understand the latest trends in consumer search behavior and take action based on these trends.

The Insight Page is personalized using data specific to the advertiser’s account and contains trend data and recommended data that suggest actions by advertisers to take in place of these trends.

Through the “Insight Page”, advertisers can view general search trends to monitor the increase or decrease in demand, including seasonal trends.

What are the Benefits?

Advertisers can gain a deeper understanding of search trends by monitoring the specific terms that are driving the growth of this category. Advertisers can filter by geographic location to understand the locations with the highest demand. Google Help documentation refers to this feature. To monitor trends by state, but so far the data appears to be at the country / region level.

Page Insights also provides advertisers with suggested terminology to consider based on current trends, as well as suggestions for taking advantage of trends such as increasing bids and increasing budgets.

Discover insights tailored to your business

The Insights page allows you to easily explore data insights and emerging trends based on your business. Suppose you have a pet store and you want to attract more customers. On the “Insights” page, you can see the growing demand for “dog subscription boxes” and “dogs toys”. You can then create ad campaigns to attract new pet owners, or even explore care options for selling dogs, to follow these trends.

Stay on top of trends with the Insights page - Google Ads Help

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Explore search trends further

You can also drill down into each trend to understand the growing search and the fastest growing locations. For example, in Florida and California, as searches for “vitamin C” continue to increase, grocery stores may see the trend for “vitamins and supplements.”

Trending search terms related to "Pots & planters" over the last 7 days.

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You can also discover new opportunities related to your business through suggested trends, which are categories that you do not currently cover. For example, a grocery store may find related trends, such as “whipped coffee,” which can give them ideas for future promotions or product development.

Trends related to Groceries.

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Take action with recommendations

The Insights page also contains tips to help you take action on the trends you see in your account. With just a few clicks, you can view and apply keyword, budget, and bidding suggestions.

Trends for Vitamins in the United States

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