Google Ads New Smart Bidding Features Launched – May 2021 Updates

Google Ads New Smart Bidding Features Launched - May 2021 Updates

Google is launching new features of smart bidding to help make automation more intuitive to meet the needs of search marketers, and to better respond to changes in each advertiser’s own market.

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Top Signals Changes

Now advertisers can use target return on ad spend and maximize conversion value to use popular ads for search campaigns.

Google’s advertising product manager Neera Thavornvanit wrote: “Currently, you can only see the main metrics of campaigns that use target CPA and maximize conversions.”

Seasonality adjustments can now be made at the manager account level

So far, Smart Bidding has taken into account seasonal factors, but advertisers may expect major changes in conversion rates, such as large sales or product launches.

Thavornvanit said: “To make these settings easier to use, you can now set them at the administrator account level instead of having to create them for each individual account.”

Recommendations for max conversions

Google Ads now also “shows new opportunities on the “Recommendations” page.

These suggestions will be shown for eligible search campaigns and can help you get more conversion value within your budget based on your ads.

Target Impression Share simulators now available

A Smart Bid Simulator was created to help you estimate the effectiveness of your campaign.

Thavornvanit announced: “This tool was previously available for click and conversion-based bidding strategies, and now we are expanding support for search campaigns that use target impression share.”

Now you can use the simulator tool to understand how target impression share changes Affect cost, impression share and clicks.

These enhancements are part of incremental improvements that Google is working to make advertising automation more intuitive and user-friendly.

They are also useful for advertisers in different industries, such as seasonal adjustments in retail.




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