Google Allowed ‘About This Result’ With Info On Ranking Factors

Google is expanding the “About this result” panel to provide information about the factors that affect a page’s ranking in search results.

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Starting today, when they see the “About this result” panel, search engines will get more information about the results they see to help them understand which might be more useful.

This is what it provides for regular search engines, but for SEO, it provides a unique perspective on the ranking factors that appear on a given page for a given query.

Ranking Factors

  • It matched words in the query with words on the page.
  • It matched words related to the query with words on the page.
  • The content of the page is in the same language as the submitted query.
  • The searcher’s location in the United States made the page particularly relevant.

In addition to highlighting matching terms, related terms, and local relevance, the “Results about this update” panel can also display information about inbound links.

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For marketers and SEO experts, the team provides an interesting perspective on how Google determines relevance based on results.

Before today’s update, this output only displays information about the source of the content and whether the website connection is secure.

It now contains a lot of data about related signals.

This extension is now available to 10% of eligible users and will gradually be rolled out to 100%.

The expanded dashboard is available in English in the United States.

First, it is planned to be rolled out more widely in the coming months.


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