Google Began Showing Non-AMP Content in the Top Stories Carousel – June 2021 Update

Last week, Google started showing non-AMP content in a popular top stories carousel for mobile search.

This is what is expected when the page experience update is released.

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But Kyle Sutton posted on Twitter that in some cases, when the AMP version is available, Google may even display non-AMP URLs in the top stories carousel, which may not be the case.

Since Kyle sent me this, I’ve been trying to replicate it on my real physical mobile phone, but I have not seen a case of this.

I wonder if Kyle`s Simulator was showing something to the detection of Google user agents or on Google confused.

Because Google on the desktop is not likely to show the amplifier URLs anyway.

This specific story Kyle is highlighting here and yes, there is an amplifier version here, but maybe there is something in the code that says Google that does not use the version of AMP.

I did not dig too deeply, but have you seen this on the mobile? Google showing the non-AMP version when there is an AMP version available?

Source: Twitter.

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