Google Deprecated Support For Critic Review Markup Schema – June 2021 Update

Google announced on June 10 that it had deprecated support for critic review markup schema and structured data. Google stated, “We initially tested the critic review markup with a group of website owners and eventually found that it was useless for the ecosystem.”

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Google added: “This rejection will not affect any other review features in Google Search. Please feel free to leave a mark on your website so that search engines can better understand your page.

Critical reviews are fragments of longer review articles created, curated, or compiled by a single publisher for one publisher.

Critic reviews usually appear in search results with a review summary, reviewer’s name, and editor icon to help your readers easily find the review and navigate to your website to read the full review.

You can provide critical reviews for content types, including local businesses, movies, and books.

Google launched critic reviews in 2015.

Source: google search central

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