Google FAQ Rich Results Limited To 2 FAQs Per Page – June 2021 Update

Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed that search results showing structured FAQ data are now limited to two results.

Danny also confirmed that this was not done to prevent SEO from abusing structured data-rich results and explained why.

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FAQ Rich Results in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Structured Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) data is a way to be eligible to display FAQ content on Google SERPs.

The advantage of this display method is that it allows the position of the website to occupy more space in the search results.

Another reason for the coveted structured FAQ data visualization is that it pulls one or two competitors from the first page of the second page of search results.

SEO Experts Response to FAQ Structured Data Rich Results

The initial release generated praise and criticism, depending on whether the SEO benefited from the FAQ on the SERP or the competitor.

Google displays up to ten common questions at a time, which may cause two or three web pages to occupy the entire first page of search results.

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Are FAQ Rich Results Limited Only in the USA?

At the time of writing, the FAQ structured data update is still being rolled out.

I began to feel that the rich results of FAQs had disappeared or were suspended.

This new way of displaying rich results for FAQs seems fairer than the initial way to pull more websites from the first page of search results.

Restricting web pages to only two FAQs in rich media search results seems to be a fair way to implement this feature while still being useful to users.

But don’t expect this implementation to be permanent, because everything related to search is in a state of constant change.

Source: Google on What’s Going on With FAQ Rich Results

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