Google is Rewriting Title Tags With H1 & H2 in SERPs

Google is rewriting the title tags for a limited number of pages in search results, usually replacing text with the page’s H1 tags.

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As we all know, Google adjusts the title in the SERP through minor adjustments, such as adding the company name at the end.

But now Google is removing titles with different text.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) became aware of this on August 16, as evidenced by the tweet mentioning a “massive” rewrite of the headline on Google.

The size of the title rewrite is currently unknown, but it is extensive enough that multiple SEOs have found it.

There is evidence that Google is extracting text from H1 tags for most rewriting.

However, Lily Ray pointed out that she has seen Google replace page titles with anchor text from internal links.

In theory, it seems that Google can choose to get any relevant text from the page and display it as a title on the SERP.

This has been the case for meta descriptions for a long time, because Google can dynamically adjust the descriptions in search snippets to better match user queries.

In addition, Clark pointed out that when Google rewrites the title, it tends to be shorter than the original title.

This shows efforts to improve readability and increase the relevance of results.

If this is not just a field test detected in the wild, Google should notify SEO as soon as possible.

I bet there will be at least some questions about this in the Q&A with Google’s John Mueller on Friday.

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How It Will Impact SEOs?

On the other hand, we may be seeing the initial stages of permanent change.

Assuming how Google will handle headlines in search snippets in the future, it might end up being a good thing for the site.

The obvious goal of replacing titles is to increase relevance to search engines.

If this is the case, a more relevant headline may be easier to click.

Regarding how you should follow this update, I will point out this guide from Mueller.

He pointed out that the titles are important, but suggested that they are not worth emphasizing.

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