Google is still not done moving some sites to Mobile First Indexing – May 2021 Update

Google is still not done moving some sites to mobile first indexing - May 2021 Update

In March, we reported that Google is about to migrate the last batch of websites to mobile-first indexing.

This is after moving the first mobile indexing deadline from September 2020 to March 2021.

Well, even in late May 2021, Google has not moved some sites to mobile first indexing.

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Google’s John Mueller tweeted: “It seems that the team is still dealing with certain issues with certain websites, so everything is behind schedule.” At the time, someone asked you why Google Search Console still Show the website as a desktop index instead of a mobile index.

It will take a long time for Google to migrate all content from the desktop index to the mobile device index.

Google started this process four and a half years ago! How long will it take before each site is crawled and indexed through the mobile index? who knows? Hope in 2022?

Source: Twitter.

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