Google is Testing “also covered on this page” New Feature For Its Featured Snippets

Google is Testing also covered on this page New Feature For Its Featured Snippets

Google is testing or rolling out a new feature for its featured code snippet section, which is called “also covered on this page.” Google added the other topics covered by the page below the main featured code snippet, the hyperlink, anchored it, and then highlighted the content.

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The hyperlink anchors it, and then highlights that the content is not new, but the “also covered on this page” section is new.

This is a screenshot from Glenn Gabe on Twitter, where it says: “As part of the featured code snippet, I saw it.”

This page also introduces this… “It contains the use of scroll to text highlighting deeper A link to the content.”

He later added that he found that the part of the situation that “resulted in obtaining cookie consent information” was obviously not that useful.

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Source: Twitter.

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