Google Launched New Features for App Advertisers – May 2021 Updates

Google Launched New Features for App Advertisers - May 2021 Updates

Google’s app usage research shows that even if the store reopens, 63% of consumers will continue to seek the best app experience.

In addition, 75% of consumers are more likely to buy products from brands whose applications can transact quickly.

To help app advertisers attract more potential users, Google has created some new methods to help advertisers attract more potential customers and optimize their app advertising campaigns.

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Deliver App Ads on Desktop

App campaigns can run on Search, YouTube, Google Play, Discovery, and over 3 million other websites and apps, but previously they were only displayed on mobile devices.

Now, advertisers for Android users will be able to attract leads on the desktop version of the SERP and on desktop and mobile devices on the Google Display Network.

Although the application advertisement will link to the desktop website of the Google Play store, the store will allow users to install the application directly on the device associated with their Play account.

Android app advertisers will automatically choose to use the desktop starting in June, so no further action is required for advertisers who are already promoting Android apps.

Advertisers can monitor desktop performance in the “Devices” section just like any other campaign.

Making Deep Linking Easier

Google’s application research shows that if the brand’s application is “fluid and easy to use,” 74% of consumers can be loyal to the brand.

Deep linking can create a good experience for potential customers and, in turn, can increase your conversion rate.

To make it easier for advertisers to implement deep links, Google announced a deep link validator, which helps advertisers to verify deep links for the entire Android application.

With this tool, advertisers can submit and download detailed reports that contain all the checks performed by the tool on their link and how to correct the missing settings.

Create Custom In-App Events in Google Analytics

In-app performance analysis is important for most app campaigns and depends on the ability to configure in-app events.

Previously, when using Firebase, coding and app updates were required to create custom in-app events, such as order tracking after people complete a purchase.

Google now announces that events can be created and modified in the Google Analytics interface without any code updates.

Advertisers will no longer need developer assistance to create events or adjust existing events.

Advertisers will be able to create new events and change event names and parameters in Google Analytics.

Deep Linked Data-Driven Attribution

Google also announced data-driven attribution (DDA) for deep-link campaigns to help advertisers understand how clicks on specific mobile web ads lead customers to complete in-app purchases, thereby improving bidding decisions for campaigns. web-based.


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