Google Maps Launches 4 New Features to Improve the Local Shopping Experience for Customers!

Google Maps introduces four new features to enhance the customer’s local shopping experience.

This can increase a company’s sales.

In addition, Google publishes statistics related to local purchases during the Christmas season.

This includes the most popular times to visit certain industries and so on.

These are new features that are now available on Google Maps around the world.

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 Google Maps 4 New Features

  1. Directory Tab
  2. Area Busyness
  3. Grocery Shopping
  4. More Information About Restaurants

1. Directory Tab

Google Maps has expanded the Directory tab for all Android and iOS airports, shopping malls and transportation around the world.

The Directory tab shows the stores in the building to help you find airport lounges, car rentals, parking lots, and more.

For example, if you’re in a large mall, the Directory tab shows a list of businesses, whether they’re open, a star rating, and the floor of each business.

2. Area Busyness

Customers can now see how busy a particular area is before they arrive.

This helps people who want to avoid crowds.

A new feature called Area Busyness combines the vibrant activity trends of individual companies in close proximity to each other.

To access the data in a crowded area, open Google Maps and tap the area to see the congestion status at different times of the day.

Google Maps will show you how busy the area is now and how busy you expect it to be during the day.

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3. Grocery Shopping

Google Maps launched a feature earlier this year that allows customers to order and receive food.

Shopping for groceries on Google Maps is currently expanding to over 2,000 stores in 30 states in the United States.

Customers can use this feature to order food from Kroger, Fries, Ralphs and Marianos.

After placing an order, Google Maps tracks the order status and allows customers to share ETAs so they know when the store will arrive.

Google estimates that users who use this feature typically wait less than five minutes before they are ready to receive their orders.

4. More Information About Restaurants

Google Maps now shows more information when a customer searches for a local restaurant, based on information provided by other customers.

With customer feedback, we can now share details about the restaurant’s price range and whether we offer services such as outdoor seating, delivery, curbside pickup, and more.

The information provided in the customer review is displayed on the Main Restaurant list.

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