Google New Spam Algorithm Update 2021 Launched

Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed that an algorithm update aimed at combating spam is being rolled out to search results.

The update release will end today, June 23, 2021. There will be a second spam update next week. No exact details were provided about this specific update.

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Although Google regularly releases spam updates to maintain the quality of its search results.

Legitimate websites that follow Google’s webmaster guidelines are unlikely to worry about these spam updates.

Google has a strict definition of spam, which mainly includes low-quality websites that deceive users to provide personal information or install malicious software.

The spam update also targets phishing scams and other malicious actors, trying to rank in search results by disguising as highly relevant pages.

That being said, even websites that follow Google’s guidelines are vulnerable to hacker spam. If a site is not properly protected, it may send spam to users without knowing it.

Google’s annual anti-spam report shows that hacked spam is rampant.

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If your website suddenly drops in ranking after the update today or next week, it would be wise to check the security of your website and look for signs of possible attacks.

When a site receives spam updates, its content will be downgraded in search results or removed from Google’s index.

The company estimates that its automated system can ensure that more than 99% of search results are free of spam.

When announcing this update, Sullivan linked to an April blog post detailing the results of Google’s recent efforts to combat spam.

Last year, Google’s automated system prevented 25 billion spam web pages from being indexed in search results every day.

When Google releases its annual anti-spam report next year, we may learn more about the impact of the June 2021 spam update.

Source: How Google keeps you safe on Search

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