Google Page Experience 2021 Update Has Started Rolling Out

The Google Page Experience algorithm update is now available and will be completed by the end of August 2021.

The update will be rolled out slowly for all users around the world.

Top stories will start using the signal this Thursday.

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Google stated that the site should not expect drastic changes due to this update, and any sudden drops or spikes should be mitigated through a gradual rollout process.

Google announced it for the first time in November. The page experience update is planned to be launched this year.

Since then, a lot of information about what will be included in the update has surfaced. For website owners, Google did not throw any surprises in the form of previously undisclosed new features, which may be good news.

Looking back at the content that has been shared with the site owner and the SEO community, the following is the entire content of the experience update page.

Source: Details on the page experience update

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