Google Page Title Update 2021 is Dynamic & Reactive to Changes

As more new information emerges about Google Page Title Update 2021, we understand that it is dynamic and will react to changes on the site.

This means that the alternative text that Google chooses for the page title is not set in stone.

When you modify the HTML title tag of a page, Google will consider the updated text and react accordingly.

Google’s Danny Sullivan said in response to Lily Ry’s question on Twitter.

Ray asked Google how often to update the selected title of a page and pointed out that it is common for the media to modify the title after publishing.

Sullivan said that he thinks Google’s new title tagging system is dynamic.

In addition, it also indicates that improvements have been made, and more improvements are being made.

Whether Google displays your revised title tag in the SERP may depend on your evaluation of the text and how well it describes the content of the page.

Google’s main criterion for determining when to replace a page title is how accurately it represents what the user will find when visiting the URL.

If you notice that Google has replaced one or more of your page titles, this is a good indicator that the content you have does not adequately reflect the main content.

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The good news is that if you are not satisfied with the text selected by Google, you can write a new title tag and possibly display that text instead.

Given the release date of this update and the fact that Google is currently improving it, we don’t recommend making too many changes at this time.

Lily Ray made the same suggestion in her ongoing reports on page title updates, which Sullivan mentioned in her response on Twitter.

Regarding Sullivan’s point of view, Google confirmed in its advertisement that more than 80% of the pages displayed in the SERP will retain their original HTML title tags.

Continue to focus on the written HTML headings, if you see Google replacing them, please try not to worry too much about making the changes.

Page Title Update – Google Wants Feedback

Google requests feedback on its news feed to generate page titles.

Mueller visited the Search Console help forum, where you can share your experience with this update and how it affects your website.

He asks you to be as detailed as possible in the presentation.

Include the URL of the page, the title displayed, the type of device used, and any comments you have about the title.

You can even include screenshots if needed.

At the time of writing this article, there are only two replies in a post, so there are not many comments so far.

Although it seems that Google has some problems to solve.

Source@dannysullivan on Twitter

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