Google PageSpeed Insights New Version Launching Soon 2021

Google releasing a new version of PageSpeed ​​Insights that aims to address many of the challenges of existing versions.

One of the biggest issues with PageSpeed ​​Insights is how the data is displayed.

There is no clear separation between experimental and field data.

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If you are new to PageSpeed ​​Insights, you may not understand the context of the data you are viewing, which makes it difficult to know what to do with your data.

Many “how-to” blog posts have been written about the interpretation of the PageSpeed ​​Insights report, mainly due to the confusion caused by its design.

The version of PageSpeed ​​Insights currently on the web uses code from 10 years ago, and Google says it’s time to redesign.

With an update released later this year, Google wants to make it easier for developers to interpret reports and quickly respond to the knowledge contained in them.

The main goals of Google in future PageSpeed ​​Insights updates are:

  • Modernize the look and feel of the UI by leveraging material design.
  • Communicate how the Core Web Vitals assessment is calculated in the UI.
  • Make the UI more intuitive by differentiating between lab data and field data.

Google PageSpeed Insights Coming Updates

  • Separation of field and lab data
  • Core Web Vitals assessment
  • Labels for mobile and desktop performance
  • Origin Summary
  • Expand view
  • Page image

There is no release date for the new PageSpeed ​​Insights, but as the release time approaches, Google will share more updates.

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