Google Partnership With GoDaddy – July 2021 Update

Yesterday, Google announced a partnership with GoDaddy to help website owners show their products to a wider audience.

The announcement was posted on the Google Blog and pointed out that businesses can appear in search engines more easily with “a few clicks.”

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GoDaddy has more than 20 million customers and provides a variety of services for e-commerce merchants, including:

  • Domain purchase
  • Website building
  • WordPress
  • Domain-based emails
  • Hosting
  • Web security

What Does The Partnership Imply?

The association is dedicated to helping new customers find businesses on Google Shopping, search (including image search), and YouTube.

More importantly, GoDaddy merchants can “add to Google” products from their online stores and promote them through smart shopping activities, or make them eligible for free listings.

GoDaddy also issued a press release yesterday stating that users who specify to create their first smart shopping campaign may be eligible for $150 in advertising credits provided by Google.

Eligible users will also see their ad spend matched with Google’s value of £108.07.

Partnership Benefits

Although merchants that have already carried out shopping activities will not be able to use Google advertising credits, it seems that existing and new GoDaddy customers can more easily connect to Google products, allegedly gaining higher website visibility, websites and potentially higher traffic and Sales.

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Traders are not the only ones who will benefit from this partnership.

Google has made it clear that they want search engines to have more choices when looking for unique products from new and smaller online businesses.

However, little-known brands must undoubtedly generate incredibly strong signals of trust to encourage customers to buy from them.

While easier access to Google products is welcome, merchants must continue to build relationships with potential customers to get them there.

Source: Google’s blog


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