Google Product Reviews Update 2021 Impact On Affiliate & Reviews Website

Google Product Reviews Update 2021 Impact On Affiliate & Reviews Website

Last Thursday, Google began rolling out a new “Google Product Reviews Update.” but now is the time to present its impact. It’s been a few days since the release started, and those affected by this update indicate that if affected, this update may be as large as the major update.

Google product reviews update 2021

The Google Product Review Update is designed to promote review content beyond the reach of many information templates you see on the web. Google said it will promote these types of product reviews in search results rankings.

Google will not directly penalize low-quality product reviews, which “concisely summarize a number of products.” However, if you provide such content and find that your ranking is lowered due to the promotion of other content, this is definitely a penalty. From Google’s point of view, technically speaking, this will not cause any loss to your content. Google only rewards sites with higher rankings and more valuable review content.

Technically, this update should only impact product review content and not other types of content.

Which Industry Impacted?

Also, this update impacted all industry: health, finance, e-commerce, blog, technology, commerce, etc. Many websites with product reviews have experienced huge profits or losses. Based on organic traffic from Google, some reported losses of up to 50% or more, yes this is similar to the main update.

Experts & Users View

Glenn Gabe shared amazing graphics from some websites whose product reviews have become particularly impacted in this update:



Final Thoughts

Anyway, so this update seems to be impactful, and those with content related to product reviews (especially in the field of affiliate) seem to be high impact after this update. It is still unfolding and will update it soon.



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