Google Published a Web Stories Playbook – May 2021 Update

Google Published a Web Stories Playbook - May 2021 Update

Google has released a Web Stories Playbook that provides detailed information on how to successfully use the new format.

The document is over a hundred pages long, starting with an overview and gradually evolving into more advanced recommendations designed to drive more traffic, engagement, and revenue.

Web Stories

Web history is a new format that Google displays in search and discovery.

The format is designed to provide “hot” content for consumers on the go.

However, as the “Web Stories Playbook ” makes it clear that the new format has many uses, it can help publishers to make their sites more interactive with site visitors and increase revenue from advertising or even affiliate links.

Web stories can be monetized in multiple ways, including affiliate links, sponsored content, programmatic ads or directly sold advertisements.

What’s Inside the Web Stories Playbook

  1. Overview
    Describes how web stories are useful to publishers for finding new audiences and giving them a faster way to consume content.
  2. Entry Points
    Describes the different ways web stories can integrate into a website, and how to customize how site visitors engage with them.
  3. More Design Details
    Offers a comprehensive review of best practices in design for encouraging more engagement with readers.

Entry Points

The entry points and more design details section introduces your topic in depth.

For example, the scripts focus on five different “entry points” one by one so that editors can reach the expert level of understanding.

The Entry Points section describes how there are five different entry points:

  • Singleton
  • Carousel
  • Compact display
  • Author highlight
  • Dedicated page
Screenshot of Web Stories Playbook
image credits – google web stories playbook

Source: Raise the visibility of Your Web Stories

Web Stories Experience Playbook (PDF)

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