Google Q&A Official Going Away On 30th June April 2021 Update

Google Q&A Official Going Away On 30th June April 2021 Update

Google has confirmed through Search Engine Land that it has canceled the question and answer in Google’s search function.

It was originally launched in India in 2019 for search engines, and now Google is telling those who submitted Q&A that it will disappear.


@ujeshkrishnan shared a screenshot of the notice he received from Google about this going away, you can see in above screenshot.


Google said this feature is only available for a select set of themes in India.

Again, this will not affect Google’s question hub function.

Google stated that it has received notifications from users who submitted responses, so that they can download their contributions through Google Takeout.

Impact on Question Hub

A Google spokesperson told us that this will not affect the functionality of the Google Question Hub, but will only affect the user’s ability to provide answers in Google search when the user submits a question.

Google Question Hub is a portal site through which publishers can view questions submitted by search engines and provide answers to these questions by creating new web pages to answer these questions.

Final Thoughts

This is a popular feature for Google search users in India. I think this has evolved into what we now call the Google question hub, which is a rich source of content creativity for publishers.

That said, Google is constantly testing new features and adjusting them based on how search engines use them.

Since the Google Question Hub has not disappeared, I suspect that some questions and answers on Google may be replaced by the Question Hub feature.

SourceGoogle Takeout.

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