Google Search Algorithms Can’t Affect Direct Traffic – John Muller Explains

Google’s John Mueller had to tell one person that when Google makes changes to its search algorithm, these changes should not have any impact on its direct traffic.

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Yes, they can have a significant impact on your organic traffic, but not your direct traffic, John said.

Direct traffic refers to website visits to your website by entering your website URL in the browser or through browser bookmarks.

Google Analytics will also accumulate traffic that cannot identify the source of such visits.

But the only change that should really be directly related to algorithm updates is organic traffic.

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Of course, if your organic traffic drops, there may be fewer people sharing your website on social media and email.

But can’t I imagine it will have a huge impact on your direct traffic? Or maybe it applies to certain websites?

John Mueller de Google, said on Twitter “The search algorithms can not affect direct traffic: it sounds like you are not following direct traffic (and it is more a total traffic mix), or something unrelated happened.” John said that it maybe something breaks with the site or analytics configuration that is causing this, but it would not be an update of Google Algorithm.

Source: Twitter.

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