Google Spam Update November 2021 Rolls Out

Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed that Google Spam Update November 2021 for search results have begun to be updated and fully deployed within a week.

The update will begin rolling out on, November 3, 2021.

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Google releases spam updates on a regular basis to maintain the quality of search results, but does not provide accurate details.

Google has already released three spam updates this year.

This month’s update is the fourth update to Google’s algorithm that targets spam this year.

Thanks to these updates, Google’s automated system keeps more than 99% of search result visits spam-free.

Last year, Google’s automated system blocked 25 billion spam pages from being indexed in search results every day.

Websites that follow Google’s webmaster guidelines may be concerned about these spam updates.

Google strictly defines what it considers to be spam.

This mainly includes low quality websites that mislead users into providing personal information or installing malware.

Other types of spam include phishing scams and websites impersonating other reputable sites.

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That said, even sites that follow Google’s guidelines may be guilty of spam and may not even know it.

If a website is not properly protected, it is vulnerable to hacking and can send spam or malicious software to users without the webmaster’s knowledge.

Whether it’s hacked or intentional spam, Google doesn’t care about spam updates.

Hacked sites are treated the same because the site owner is responsible for keeping the site safe.

Google publishes an anti-spam report each year, clearly showing the increasing number of cases of hacked spam.

If your site’s ranking suddenly drops after this month’s spam update, check your site for signs of attack.

You’ll learn more about the impact of the November 2021 spam update when Google releases its annual anti-spam report next year.


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