Google Started Testing MUM For Vaccine Search Results – June 2021 Update

Google’s first application of MUM in real-world search results involves its use to understand changes in the search for COVID-19 vaccine information.

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MUM stands for Multi-task Unified Model and is a new technology developed by Google to answer complex search queries.

Google disclosed information about MUM for the first time in May, saying that it is in the testing phase and will be applied to search results in the coming months and years.

The company confirmed that MUM is now used in search results to correctly identify more than 800 keywords entered by people to search for vaccines and provide up-to-date and reliable information.

With MUM, Google was able to identify more than 800 variants of vaccine names in more than 50 languages ​​in a matter of seconds.

Google said that without MUM, it would take hundreds of hours to identify all the names people use to refer to vaccines around the world.

After verifying the MUM findings, Google applied them to search results so that people can find high-quality information about the global COVID-19 vaccine in a timely manner.

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What’s Next For MUM?

Vaccine Search is the first and only MUM application confirmed in search results so far.

Google hopes to continue to use MUM to make search more useful to people.

This can include improving already available services or using MUM to create new tools.


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