Google Testing Highlighting Journalists Latest Articles in Carousal – June 2021 Update

Google is testing changes in search results for journalists, including a carousel of their latest articles.

The new beta feature of Google Search is designed to help people learn more about individual reporters or authors by highlighting their recent work.

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When searching for a reporter by name, Google will display an information box about him at the top of the screen.

It is similar to what Google shows to any other public figure. Links to recent articles will now appear in the search for “a small group of” reporters.

When searching for current news, users can scroll through articles as if they were browsing a carousel of selected news.

This will help search engines better understand the types of stories reporters report and understand their writing style.

When reading news, it is important not only to consider who the publisher is and what he represents, but also to understand the people behind the company.

If you are reading a news article that is controversial about current events, you can Google the author to see how he reports other stories.

Through this research, you may find that specific reporters tend to point out the value of influencing factual information.

From there, you can make an informed decision about whether to read your article again in the future.

On the other hand, there may be reports from reporters you admire. This feature can help you find more articles you like.

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How Journalists Can Optimize For The Articles Carousel

Google needs the help of publishers to fill these new carousels with the author’s recent work.

Publishers and content creators can help their content be more accessible and improve its appearance in Google search results by adding structured metadata to article pages.

At a minimum, structured data should include the name of the reporter or author and a biographical page of the reporter describing their experience.


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